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Princess on the Run
No Time for True Love

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I Have No Where I Belong

Restlessness | Tyler and Jenna

Jenna stepped into The Grind and took off her jacket.  It wasn’t too busy for a Saturday night and she made her way towards a table near the bar.  After putting her jacket over a chair, she stepped over and ordered herself a beer.  Once it was handed to her, she sat down, and waited for Tyler to appear.  She was kind of early, having expected dinner with Derek to have lasted longer.

His car pulled up in the parking lot and she took a sip of her beer, then sat back nonchalantly as if she had no cares.  She had no idea why he had texted her after they spoke out in town.  He had realized she was a little angry at his words, but she still wasn’t quite certain why she had been.  Perhaps it had been because she was awkwardly attempting to flirt and he had said he was just joking… but then why had he mentioned wanting to hang out tonight?